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Coach Ashlynn Lucas is a USAT Ambassador, USAT Level I Certified Coach, USAT Youth and Junior Certified Coach, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and  a NESTA certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach. 

Her lifestyle fitness journey began at an early age, raised in a home with divorce, alcoholism, co-dependency, and mental health complications. She also battled trust issues, resulting from a sexual abuse by a school employee from grade school through high school. Ashlynn adopted fierce athletic performance as the outlet to overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges during her formative years. She ultimately became a three-time state qualifier in high school track and a regional qualifier in college. 


Ashlynn is the mother of three amazing children - two of her own and one step-daughter that she shares with her husband, Jared. 


She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology from The Ohio State University, holds a masters in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati, and is a Doctoral Candidate in Public Service Leadership at Capella University.

Ashlynn began her professional career as a Sheriff's Deputy in Warren County, Ohio. She served there for eight years, spending two years on the SWAT Team. She then left public service for the private sector and began working as a Supervisory Special Agent for the Specialized Crimes Unit at CSX Transportation Police Department, where she was named the fitness and nutrition instructor.  Ashlynn has worked as a strength and conditioning coach for Waynesville High School's basketball program and is currently head of the fitness and nutrition club at Urbana University. She is a National Federation High School Association Coach. Ashlynn has been a mentor with Big Brothers/Big Sisters for eight years. 


After leaving the CSX Police Department, Ashlynn realized her passion for helping others through sports and lifestyle fitness choices. She is committed to helping you.

 Throughout her career, Ashlynn began training for and competing in triathlons. As a two-time Boston Marathon finisher, Ashlynn has completed 17 marathons. As an Ironman Triathlon competitor, Ashlynn has entered and completed five 140.6 full Ironman triathlon races, finished as a top1% Ironman Gold All World Athlete 2018. She has also completed three 70.3 half Ironman triathlons, finishing top 5% at worlds in 2017. 


She was ranked as an All World Athlete (top 5% of age group) as an Ironman triathlete.  Ashlynn most recently tackled Ironman Louisville in 2017 where she finished third in her age group for the second year in a row with a time of 10:26. Ashlynn was named All World Athlete Silver in 2017 and All World Athlete Gold in 2018. 

Coach Lucas was recently selected as a 2019 USA Triathlon Ambassador. In addition to growing the multisport community, Coach Lucas is currently training to run the Boston Marathon and podium at Ironman Australia.

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