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Nutrition is the foundation for effective training and THE most important factor in achieving results. 

Nutritional need are contingent on a number of factors: gender, age, body type, activity level, etc.

Ashlynn educates each client how to fuel for an individual body type, goal, and lifestyle by offering consults, classes, and customized meal plans.   

Lifestyle Nutrition Classes

open to all who want to adopt healthier habits

Session 1: Intro to Food & Nutrition

Session 2: Introduce Nutrition into a Lifestyle

Session 3: Practical Applications of Nutrition

Session 4: Personalized Meal Plan (1 week)

Sports Nutrition Classes

open to athletes and parents of athletes

Session 1: Intro to Macro & Micro Nutrition

Session 2: Hydration, Exercise & Nutrition

Session 3: Pre & Post Exercise Nutrition

Session 4: Personalized Meal Plan (1 week)

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