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Rachel Frambs

I never imagined how difficult it would be to foster healthy habits as a college student. Class, work, studying, and group projects consume my days, leaving very little time for exercise and meal preparation. Food also became a stress outlet and a social epicenter during college. At first this lifestyle didn’t bother me, but over the last four years I gained almost 30 pounds.

I felt emotionally crippled by body shaming and gradually began loving myself less. One day I tried on a pair of pants, only to find that they no longer fit. That day I decided to make a lifestyle change in hopes of loving myself again.

Lucky for me, my best friend, Hannah Wierzbinski, also one of Ashlynn’s clients helped get me back on track. Hannah contacted Ashlynn, who had trained her for Ironman WI through September and for general fitness ever since.

Ashlynn happily helped me by customizing workout schedules and healthy meal plans each week. Her lifestyle fitness plan has helped me lose almost 30 pounds since beginning in early October. Friends, family, and I have all noticed a tremendous improvement in my overall mood and body image since beginning with Be Fierce Lifestyle Fitness. I love the person I’ve become and am so grateful for Ashlynn’s help in getting me here!

Within the next year I will be transitioning into a full-time job and want to use this time to develop healthy habits that I can bring with me. Although I live in Wisconsin, I feel incredibly connected to Ashlynn at all times. She sends weekly meal plans via email and weekly workouts via TrainingPeaks app. She’s always available via text, email, or phone call and follows up right away. I am so grateful for all the tools and support Ashlynn has provided to shape a happier, better me!


Andrew Hoban

I have been friends with Coach Lucas for a while. I followed her posts on Facebook with her races and other accomplishments such as starting Be Fierce Lifestyle Fitness. After joining the company’s Facebook group, I visited the website and talked with Coach Lucas for marathon advice. After DNFing the Cleveland Marathon this year, I decided that my way of training was not effective, and that I needed help. That is when I reached out to Coach Lucas and asked her to become my coach. I live in Delaware and have been remote training since May 2018.

Coach Lucas has shown me that my training needed some improvement, and so far, she had made some really good changes to my workouts. For example, she has me running 3-4 days a week with runs that are more focused, and the other days are spent strength training or cross-training on the bike (I have started to enjoy biking a lot more). Another philosophy of her coaching that I like using RPE to gauge my paces during workouts. In the past, I used pace to dictate my workouts and how successful I was. She has taught me that RPE is more effective at training as there are external factors such as the weather and temperature that can affect pace (although your body is giving the effort needed for that pace and the watches shows you are running slower). The Training Peaks app has been very helpful with my training as I am able to see how I am progressing and she is able to see how my workouts went, along with being able to comment on them.

Coach Lucas has been patient with my plantar fasciitis and IT band injuries, and even worked with me to help me overcome the injuries by doing strength training and cross-training to keep my fitness. She has also encouraged me to make sure that I am taking care of my body, while making sure that it is properly fueled for workouts

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Caroline Dunn

2 year newbie to the triathlon world. Made the switch from the marathon where I completed 8 marathons and knew there had to be something next! The idea of an Ironman always floated around in the back of my head and it took a while for me to warm up to the sport. About 16 months ago, a key moment in my life changed my goals and my perspective. Dec of 2018 I underwent surgery to have part of my left lung removed. At the time I wasn’t sure what my future would be in running or even triathlon. But fast forward to today, I’m happy to report, I feel stronger, healthier, happier and more determine to tackle new things.  I knew it was my time to take on the long distance—Ironman. 


I was fortunate to find Ashlynn who has been a great partner and coach to me. It’s a massive & exciting goal and I feel confident every step of the way that she will help get me there. I am ambitious, driven and love to race and she supports each of my goals along the way which was important to me when finding a coach. She’s flexible and understanding all while keeping me motivated to work harder. She provides the right guidance in navigating the balance of work and training and the intermittent stressful weeks, no matter what it may be. She encouraging even on the toughest days. 


This year I plan to take on- Flying Pig 4 way, Ohio 70.3 and my ‘A’ race of Ironman Louisville (with a few olys in between). 


I can’t wait to take on the year with so many exciting races ahead! 


Jenna Dassow

Back in January 2019, I was the heaviest I had ever been. I hated how I felt physically, mentally, and emotionally.


My dear friend, Abby, introduced me to beach body. I lost weight, noticed results, and found myself on a healthier path. I tried a number of approaches to fitness but nothing seemed to be long term sustainable.


fast forward to March 2019, I heard about Ashlynn (BeFierce) through a distant friend, Rachel Frambs.


When I started with her, my goal was to continue my weight loss journey and develop a healthier lifestyle. Ashlynn is an amazing coach and is Always available for questions via call, text, or email. Although we live in different states, she has helped tremendously.


The weekly meal plans changed my life and taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle. If it wasn’t for BeFierce Lifestyle Fitness wouldn’t be as far as I am on this journey.


It hasn’t always been easy choosing the healthiest options day to day, but Ashlynn has helped encourage me to stay on track, believe in myself, and get after it.


I have been so much happier, more confident, and motivated since meeting Ashlynn. She helps me believe in myself, even when I struggle some days.


I can’t wait for what’s to come. I know it’s just the beginning but here is to a forever lifestyle that I will maintain! Not every day is going to be perfect, but it will be what I put into it. Anything in life worth having, is worth fighting for. 

matt Kennard

Ironman Chatty 70.3 2019!

i wanted revenge from last year's chatty race where the heat cooked me and zapped my chance to beat my 5:40 PR. This year marked my 10th 70.3 race - kind of crazy in itself that I've done so many already!! It didn't feel that long ago that I was so in over my head at muncie in 2014.

Coach Ashlynn Lucas has been preparing me for this race for a while now. She talked to me about nutrition, strategy, and the confidence to go crush the course. Also multiple ways to deal with the heat. Together we had a plan, my job was to execute that plan. 

[Read more about Matt's race experience in the Blog posts]

I've said it before , and I'll say it again, it's the triathlon community, the athletes, the families, volunteers and support groups who make these events just so amazing! The love and support is everywhere. Does this cost money to do, sure it does. But the emotions felt and seeing everyone being a part of the action, kids, adults, adults acting like kids is worth every penny. If you've never been to a triathlon, I invite you to join us. Compete with us, volunteer for us, cheer for us! You won't be sad you did! 

A special thanks to Team Tech for another successful adventure! Watching Savvy and Ollie rule the world is hilarious! To everyone who sent me a good luck or great job, your words mean a lot to this former fat guy who just loves to exercise now! 

My love, my partner, my #1 supporter..Brittney Morgan..My Mojo! I can't express enough how much your support and example of a phenomenal wife and mother you are is appreciated. I love you with 100% of my heart!

Work towards IM Ohio 70.3 starts Wednesday!

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Rachel Frambs

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Jenna Dassow

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