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Hannah Wierzbinski

Marketing Director & Nutrition Coach

Hannah Wierzbinski joined the Be Fierce team as Marketing Director in early 2018. She studies Marketing, Management, and Human Resources at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and works closely with Coach Lucas to promote services, leverage company partnerships, and connect with clients across the nation.

Hannah discovered her passion for healthy habits at an early age. She spent her formative years playing competitive sports, ultimately growing to love both strength and endurance training.

After years silently battling disordered eating, Hannah sought help from nutritionists, dietitians, coaches, friends, and books in search of the answers. The battle was long, tiring, and largely unsuccessful . . . until training with Coach Lucas.

In January 2018, Hannah placed her Ironman dream in the hands of Coach Lucas. She had never been a triathlete but believed in the power of an "iron will". On September 9, 2018 Hannah Wierzbinski became an Ironman.

Following Ironman Wisconsin, Ashlynn continued mentoring Hannah as an athlete, an Employee and as a transitioning Adult. 

"Coach has taught me lessons that transcend the world of triathlon. She taught me to confront fears, challenge limits, and inspire others by doing what I love most." ​

Certifications: Fitness Nutrition & Sports Nutrition Specialist

Achievements: Ironman Wisconsin, Half Ironman, Olympic Tri, Sprint Tri, Marathon (x2), Half Marathon (x1)

Angela Belback.PNG

Angela Belback

Swim Coach

Angela joined the Be Fierce team as Swim Coach in early 2019. She swam and played water polo all four years of college at Notre Dame College (Ohio) where she studied Criminal Justice. While at Notre Dame College, Angela was awarded Academic All American with the Collegiate Water Polo Association, “All -Conference Outstanding Performance” at the Conference Swim Championships and was also the swim team’s captain her senior year of college. Angela also graduated with honors with the Delta Alpha Pi Honor Society.


Angela coached collegiate swimming at Franciscan University of Steubenville where she helped athletes improve their swimming skills, breaking both school and personal records. Angela served in the United States Army for two and half years as an Airborne Parachute Rigger. While in the Army, she earned recognition for obtaining top physical performance in her unit. Shortly after her time with the Army, Angela explored triathlon Training to satisfy her goal oriented, competitive streak.


Angela crossed paths with Coach Lucas during a 2017 race. The following year, Coach Lucas trained Angela for Louisville Ironman 2018. Months before Angela's race, she tore both her ACL and Meniscus - a devastating setback - and postponed her Ironman registration to the following year. Coach Lucas was very supportive during this time and worked with Angela following surgery to help rebuild physical and mental strength for the following year. Ashlynn continues coaching Angela as an athlete and now working with her as an employee.


“Coach Lucas is a bad-ass. She has what I would want in a coach with her professionalism and expertise. Her mindset, purpose, and leading by example are just a few reasons why I put my trust in working with Coach Lucas.” 

Certifications: ASCA Swim Coach Level I & ASCA Swim Coach Level II

Achievements: Half Ironman, Olympic tri, sprint tri, Aquathon, Half Marathon, College swim Conference team x4

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