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"Coach Lucas trained me from triathlon rookie to Ironman finisher in nine short months. Whatever the goal, she will get you to the 'finish line' too."

Hannah Wierzbinski, Be Fierce Client

Contemplating a triathlon but not sure where to begin?

Experienced triathlete looking to up your game?


Coach Lucas trains athletes of all experience levels to conquer fears, build confidence, and achieve goals.

Triathlon is an incredibly rewarding but complex sport. The learning curve is aggressive but made easier with the resources of an experienced, educated, and certified coach. 


Triathlon training components include:

  • Initial Consult

  • Race nutrition

  • Training nutrition

  • Day-to-day nutrition

  • Training technique

  • Balanced workouts 

  • Transition times

  • Injury prevention

  • Gear recommendations

  • Tips & tricks

Certified USA Triathlon Level I Coach, USA Triathlon Youth and Junior Certified Coach, Sports Nutritionist, Coach Lucas is equipped to help YOU cross the finish line, confident and injury free.

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